The latest episode of Pretty Little Liars "EscApre From New York" (5x01) made reference on several occasions to Scream 2.
This isn’t the first time Pretty Little Liars has referenced the Scream movies. Earlier in season 3, the episode "The Lady Killer" (3x12) had striking similarities to the first Scream movie. Those can be viewed in a post I made here. So it seems the writers of PLL are fans of the Scream series….now that they have referenced the first 2 movies. The first being with with their big A reveals of Toby, using scenes to suggest similarities to the killer in Scream. The second being with the Shana reveal, suggesting her to like the killer in Scream 2. Several scenes in this episode also payed homage to Scream 2, including the use of a theatre & the scene where there are several A’s surrounding the girls, similarly to several masks and Ghostface’s surrounding Sidney.  I’m assuming in later seasons, there will be a reference episode to Scream 3!

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