So does everyone think there will be a SCREAM 5 and 6? Why or why not?

  1. isharayar answered: Yes! Please!
  2. ragstorichards answered: yes, if my memory serves me correctly they already announced that this new one marked the start of whole new trilogy
  3. jbinos answered: maybe after another 10+ years…
  4. classyrian answered: YES, i mean i heard that this movie would make a great ending for the series come on no one really wants it to end!
  5. onlyliveoncee answered: prob not, it barely made any money compared to what they expected
  6. conningtons answered: I think there will be because while it didn’t do as well as other movies, it’s pretty obvious the fans loved it a lot.
  7. borednerd answered: There will be a 5 and 6 I think because the movie in the end will make profit, they’ll just lower budget for the next two : D
  8. helenlavoie answered: Most likely. I haven’t seen #4 yet, but I’ve heard it’s close to the original, and I LOVED that. So I’m confident in Scream 5 and 6
  9. areyou-afraidofthedark answered: There will be a scream 5. But they’re not sure about Scream 6.
  10. tracymcconnell answered: no because cravens getting pretty old and as is the cast. i mean shit courtneys close to 50 nobdy wants to see a 50 year old fight off a kilr
  11. yourdecoratedemergency answered: not after scream4 nope.
  12. serendipitous-- answered: I just want Kincaid back. I miss him.
  13. saladdresen answered: God, I hope so !
  14. morsdecontactus answered: The box office results aren’t that great at this moment… But I surely hope there’ll be at least one more sequel.
  15. shutupaboutthesun answered: noo
  16. likeviolence-youkillme answered: We can only hope that there will be.
  17. errrikuhhh answered: the 4th one was so well done I think they could pull off a 5th & 6th, but part of me hopes they end it here as to not ruin the series.
  18. altliviadunhams answered: i’d be all for another, as long as the main cast returns! it wouldn’t be the same without sid and dewey and gale.
  19. runitbackwithoriginalflavor answered: I think there will be because at the end (no spoilers) they were breathing. And who doesn’t love a good scream?
  20. badpicturesofgoodmemories answered: I think they definatily will if scre4m does well at the box office over all :P
  21. t0thesun answered: yes! they left so many opportunities and cliff hangers. I at least want a scream 5!
  22. gravityymind answered: hopefully. if the scream 4 wont be flop :/
  23. dougie--poynters answered: I think there’ll be at least a Scream 5, because Wes Craven said that in an interview :)
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