So tell us, What is your favorite scary movie?

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  6. fvckery answered: screamm
  7. hereinyourarms33 answered: Halloween. The original
  8. lif3isthis answered: paaaaaaaaaaaaaaanico ;oooooo
  9. bluntedkissesxo answered: Recc .
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  13. dirtybackstage answered: scr4m kkkkkk
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  15. wingshuttr answered: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never…. dear god..
  16. lonely-shredder answered: 1
  17. r-ickyfitts answered: SCREAM.
  18. vertivangogh answered: Either Scream, Scream 2, or Psycho
  19. tracymcconnell answered: scream.
  20. sidney-prescott answered: show girls. absolutely frightening. (see what i did there?)
  21. tendetectednineinawreck answered: SCREAM.
  22. worldbuiltfor2 answered: "My Life" ;p
  23. imaginativecorruption answered: Definitely the original Halloween…but Scream is close second
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  25. b4cktob4ck answered: scream :)
  26. brookerobinsonx answered: hahahah… apperntly scream(:
  27. kittentraps answered: Besides Scream, Dawn of the Dead.
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  30. serendipitous-- answered: the Ring
  31. nostalgicthought answered: "nightmare on elm street" (1984)
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  33. thiskidsux answered: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
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  36. spencerseesit answered: THE SCREAM SERIES! :DDDD
  37. wellgettheresomehow answered: Showgirls…absolutely, terrifying.
  38. death-of-emotions-old answered: The grudge, Please don’t kill me LOLOLOL :))
  39. chelsidarling answered: It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t say Scream, of course!
  40. madame-fett answered: Scream ofcourse(:
  41. 35breakingbad56 answered: Scream or The Hills Have Eyes (remake) - I really enjoyed that.
  42. frozenboyfriend21 answered: Tie with Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer
  43. winonarydeher answered: SCREAM