The Future of Scream.

In an interview, Craven confirmed that he was contracted to work on a fifth and sixth installment of the Scream franchise, to be made if the fourth film achieves a successful release and reception.[17]Following difficulties with script rewrites on Scream 2Scream 3 and Scream 4, often with pages only being ready on the day of filming, and the related stress of the situation, Craven stated that he would need to see a finalized version of a script for Scream 5 before committing to the production.[18] In a separate interview, writer Williamson also confirmed his contractual obligation for Scream 4and Scream 5, having submitted concepts for three films leading up to Scream 6, though his contract for the sixth film had not yet been finalized. Williamson indicated that were Scream 5 to be made, it would be a continuation of the story of the characters who lived through Scream 4 but that Scream 4 would not include any cliffhangers that led into the potential sequel.[19] Actor David Arquette also added his support to the potential future of the franchise, stating “It [the ending] definitely leaves it open,” before adding that he would welcome the opportunity to play the character of Dewey in future installments

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