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THE URGE FOR SCREAM 5 - Harvey Weinstein is reportedly begging his brother, Bob, to make Scream 5 a reality. “I’m begging him to do the movie and just end it.” Neve Campbell has recently been interviewed and she doesn't think we will be seeing another Scream movie. She stated "I think they're smart doing the TV show and leaving it alone."

SCREAM TV SERIES ON MTV - MTV has begun the casting process for its one-hour drama pilot based the Scream film franchise. We've also been given descriptions on some of the main characters. The pilot, written by Jill Blotevogel (Ravenswood, Harper’s Island, Eureka), kicks off with a YouTube video going viral, which will have adverse repercussions for teenager Audrey and seemingly serve as the “catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town’s troubled past.”.

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Do you think Kirby was a parallel for randy? A best friend full of horror trivia and does and it ruins your entire life?


Hmm kind of, the characters in Scream 4 are all a representation of other characters, particularly in the first film, however some of them crossover, for instance, Kirby. She could be a cross between Randy and Tatum. But then others think that Olivia could be the Tatum. It just depends haha

to the person who wants to write the kirby survivor thing, it would be an awesome story to read, please write it!!


There you go! :D

The UK had no special features so no deleted scenes in regards to other anon. I know Wes said on the commentary Kirby didn't die on screen and Hayden had a contract for another movie. Anyway do you think Robbie was gay? I kinda get the feeling him and Charlie... :/ might just be me tho.


I don’t know if Robbie was really gay, that’s a question a lot of people have asked. I don’t think there would be any reason why he’s not, but he could’ve just said it in the moment, so his life was spared.

Hi, I'm the anon who's considering writing the Kirby story. It's just an idea write now, but once I do get it down on paper, I would be so happy to let you read it. Like I said, I'm very shy and insecure about my writing, but you are the Scream expert and I would honored to let you read it and see what you think! I love your blog and am a huge Scream fan! It's so good to see more fans out there.

Aww you’re very nice. Yes, please do let me know if you would like me to read it, I wouldn’t mind at all.

Thank you very much! I love meeting people. :D

Hi, I'm considering writing a fanfic in which Kirby survives and she ends up in a support group much like the survivors group in Saw, but it's a support group for victims who survived serial killers. I'm really shy about my writing, but I really want to write this. (I was also considering maybe a cameo or two from other ladies who had survived situations like Kirby's, but I'm not sure who those might be yet)


You totally must write it! Don’t be shy about it, you guys have all read my writing and its utterly terrible haha but the more you right, the better you get. I’d love to read it for you. :)

How do you feel reading what the pilot for scream will be about? How do you feel about the characters


To be honest, they sound very similar to characters we’ve seen before. But in saying that, they are just casting call descriptions, so until we see them in action, there really isn’t ay judgement to be made about them just yet.

I related so much to Kirby because I grew up a really big fan of horror movies (my grandmother started me on some of the best once I hit my teens) and she had so many great lines. I was really upset when she died. I know it's a Scream movie and unexpected people die, but you don't see that many girls in movies who are horror movie nerds and they get to live to the end. It's very distressing to me.


Yeah, there aren’t many characters out there like Kirby. I think that’s she is such a fan favourite. She represents a lot of us girls. It’s fun seeing someone who’s as big as a nerd as us be incredibly hot, badass, confident and damn straight awesome. 

I'd absolutely love it if Scream 4 came out on DVD with all of the deleted scenes (which shouldn't have been deleted, more Scream the better!) and the ending being Jill in the hospital looking faint at the camera after Dewey saying Sid might make it. BOOM! Or someone post it online. Maybe they have? Main reason is, Trevor feels like a small character and a lot of deleted scenes included him and it makes his role seem bigger y'know


Last time i checked the DVD/Bluray had deleted scenes? Well my bluray has everything? I thing the UK and some other places missed out, but majority of people got the scenes haha

imagine the wild love making sidney and gale would have taking out all their anger on eachother


Kirby was the best in Scream 4 because the girl who played her was as believable as the ones from Scream 1


Hayden? Yeah, I think everyone loves Hayden. There was this certain nostalgia around the cast of Scream 4 that reminded me of the first movie. Obivously that was intended, but I did quite like it. :)

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