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THE URGE FOR SCREAM 5 - Harvey Weinstein is reportedly begging his brother, Bob, to make Scream 5 a reality. “I’m begging him to do the movie and just end it.” Neve Campbell has recently been interviewed and she doesn't think we will be seeing another Scream movie. She stated "I think they're smart doing the TV show and leaving it alone."

SCREAM TV SERIES ON MTV - MTV has begun the casting process for its one-hour drama pilot based the Scream film franchise. We've also been given descriptions on some of the main characters. The pilot, written by Jill Blotevogel (Ravenswood, Harper’s Island, Eureka), kicks off with a YouTube video going viral, which will have adverse repercussions for teenager Audrey and seemingly serve as the “catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town’s troubled past.”.

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I'd be curious how much content Scream 1 is responsible for. It's got to rank up there with Star Wars and Star Trek, if you consider Scream's 3 sequels, the Scary Movie franchise, the upcoming TV show, all the documentaries.. I think Scream has inspired so much more than people give it credit for.


Heck yes I don’t think people realise just how much these movies have done. I’m so glad I do and there are some people that do too.

so there might have been a promo tonight attached to awkward? or maybe it was to something else? i wasn't paying close enough attention to know but maybe? has the name of the town in the show been released cause i heard the high school name for sure.


:O really, did anyone else notice this? What happened in it? We might be able to tell if it’s to do with Scream!

The thing that bothers me about the first scream is that when ghostface first calls sidney when shes at her house alone, the cops get there so fast? How could they have gotten there in like 2 minutes because she literally was just on the 911 deaf operator a minute or 2 before the cops got there.just a thought. I dont know if anyone has mentioned this before ha. I know its just a movie but its weird.


Yeah that’s very true but as you said it’s just a movie haha so some things won’t make sense haha

What if Randy faked his death with Ms. Loomis (without him saying the Billy line) and he was the killer instead of Mickey, shooting Derek because he hates Sidney for ignoring him for the past two years for being with Derek?


I wouldn’t have been surprised if that’s the motive they went for in one of the movies, but there’s no Randy anymore. :(

Noticed you're a huge Coldplay fan!! So cool to see someone else loves Scream AND Coldplay! What do you think of "Magic"? :)


Coldplay is the best thing in the world, no lie… Well other than Scream haha! I love Magic. I’m actually counting down the days until Ghost Stories!

What was the most disturbing death in your opinion?


Casey’s was awful and also Olivia’s! 

you feel more sympathy for billy and that dweeb randy than let's say, casey? typical fangirl syndrome!


Yep I actually do feel bad for Casey. But I’ll admit I’m a fangirl and I hate seeing my favourite characters die! 

& Randy is not a dweeb!

which character did you feel the most sympathy for when they died?


Not gonna lie, it always kills me inside when Billy dies out of everyone. He’s my Billy and even though he’s incredibly evil, it hurts to see him die! And also Randy, still the worst thing to ever happen in the movies.

The other day I put scream 1 on and my mum was sat with me it was the scene where Sidney is in her house waiting for Tatum and ghost face calls her and my mum got so scared she told me to turn it of I was laughing my head of she watches paranormal activity but can't watch scream lol


Haha that’s too funny! I remember making my friends watch Jeepers Creepers and they all freaked out when he sucked the tongue out of the head and made me turn it off! So bad! Haha

I kinda wish the fight scene between Cotton and Ghostface in Scream 3 before he dies was longer. Cotton had a big build and was strong so it would've been entertaining.


Yeah Cotton was a strong character, he could’ve had a bigger ending.

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