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i just ordered scream 4, and i cant wait for it to get here! :D

OMG awesome!

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procesus Asked
"Stab 5 has time travel, which is by far the worst" love that line! hahaha (love that whole conversation, actually)

Yeah I think it was an excellent way to start off the film!!!

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procesus Asked
Oh, of course, I remember that. I just thought that maybe the anon was asking about the "cancelled production" plot (the fictional inside Scream 3)

Yeah I think they were but I think they confused all of us haha! Because in Scream 4, they say the original trilogy was based off Sidney Prescott and it is indeed. Whether it be the functional Stab 3 or real one, it is still based off Sidney. :)

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Anonymous Asked
was it billy or stu who attacked sid in the bathroom at school?

When they say “Sidney” it sounds like Billy but Billy was just in the hall with Sid so it was probably Stu. However, how would he have snuck into the bathroom, he would’ve had to walk passed Billy and Sidney, so I have always thought that the bathroom attack wasn’t real. It was just some kid playing a joke on Sidney with the costume. If you look at them, they don’t even have a weapon, they just jump out and scare her haha!

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procesus Asked
What I think the anon is asking is that the original Stab 3, the one being filmed during the movie, was Return to Woodsboro. They went back to Woodsboro and it had several endings, with Gale being the killer. It wasn't based on true stories.

Yes yes yes but that movie was cancelled eventually because everyone died. Remember they cancelled production? So after Scream 3, they made another Stab 3 called “Hollywood Horror” and that was based on the events of Scream 3. :)

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I love how David Schwimmer was in Stab and Courtney Cox was Gale and even Jennifer Aniston was mentioned in Scream 2

I love that too. I love those references :)

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Anonymous Asked
No my question was it Stab is the based on the plot of Scream 1 / Gales book, with Stab 2 based on the plot of Scream 2, what was the plot of Stab 3 if Stab 3 was being filmed in Scream 3? I guess my question is what is the plot of Stab 3

I explained in the answer that it wouldn’t have finished filming, because everyone died and the movie was cancelled. So it would’ve been based on Scream 3 anyways because they would’ve had to redo it, as I said.

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Anonymous Asked
I watched the first Scream movie with a friend. I've already seen them all, she did not. That was about two weeks ago. Last night when I was at a concert, she watched 2 and 3 on netflix, and 4 on Putlocker. She texted me during the third, and she said "Wow, Dewey turned into a dick." During the fourth she texted me "I take it Dewey is on team Peeta." After Gale said, "So let me know when your back on team Gale."

Yes! I love that everyone uses that quote and relates it to other movies. When the movie was released, a lot of people related it to Twilight haha Team Gale all the way!

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Anonymous Asked
I was watching Scream 2, and I love the whole movie, but one of my favorite parts is when Dewey and Gale get into that room and start making out. Gale later turns her attention elsewhere, and Dewey still has his hand on her boob. He's like hehe booby, and Gale is like "No, no booby for you. That has got to be one of my favorite parts for that reason.

HAHAHAHA it’s so funny! I laugh every time!

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Anonymous Asked
Hello, I have a question. At the beginning of Scream 4 in the opening scene it is stated that Stab 1-3 (the original trilogy) is based on Sidney, so Stab 1-3 is the same as Scream 1-3; but Stab 3 was all ready in production at the start of Scream 3?

Yes but Sidney was still in Stab 3, Angelina was playing her. But as you know, Roman was the director and he was following the script a lot of the time, so technically it was kinda based on Scream 3. And it never got finished before all the actors/actresses got killed…. So they would’ve had to redo the film anyways.

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