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Jamie did the ice bucket challenge! Omg so good! 

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A request for a friend of mine. :)

A request for a friend of mine. :)

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Yeah I know but MTV still needs to buy it from Torbert. Didn't he say there was communication? If they didn't intend to use it why would they communicate with him?

There was communication, yes, but we don’t know if they decided to buy it or not of what the outcome was. Haha!

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Bex tweeted pictures of John on set

I saw! He’s eating the banana hahah!!

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I can't imagine how expensive the usage of the Ghostface rights must be. So obviously since John mentioned them needing to pick the full season up after all I guess they won't be spending so much money if they haven't secured a full show yet. I doubt they're not using GF because both Weinsteins and Wes Craven (+several producers of the films) are behind it and it would be odd of them to do that. Maybe it's REALLY expensive, I don't know... We probably won't see him in the pilot.

I think it’s ultimately up to Fun World and RJ Torbert when it comes to using the mask… And we haven’t heard anything recently.

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People say that there's no way Ghostface won't be in the TV show, and it really is a terrible decision if he's not, but there was a Friday the 13th TV series without Jason, or even Camp Crystal Lake, and there was a Poltergeist TV series that was not about Poltergeists. Never underestimate Hollywood's ability to make stupid decisions.

I love the last sentence in what you wrote. My issue is, if the show is amazing, we definitely want Ghostface in it, but if it doesn’t turn out well, then it’s probably best not to have Ghostface because it won’t tarnish the movies. If Ghostface isn’t in it, I don’t think they should call it a Scream show, because then it’s just a murder mystery, like other shows these days.

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Don't you wish you can erase all your memory of the scream movies so you can watch them for the first time again?

Yes, I wish this all the time. :(

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What happened with Sid and the cop from Scream 3? Did they break up or does no one really know?

I would like to know what happened too. I think they made it pretty clear they were setting up a relationship between them, so I would assume something happened between Scream 3 & 4.

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I wish they'd just tell us if Ghostface is gonna be in the series or not. Once they do I immediately know if im gonna watch it or not lol. Ghostface is Scream

Yeah it wouldn’t really be a Scream show if it doesn’t have Ghostface. That’s really the defining fact!

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