Courteney Cox on not being able to make friends while on vacation

Anonymous SAID:
What type of music do you like

Coldplay is my favourite band!
Also, I love One Republic, The Script…. Etc!
Also, since I love things like Glee, I love Lea Michele’s music.

Anonymous SAID:
Why does there have to be region coding I'm definitely getting a multi region player soon

I’ve got one! I need it with all the Scream stuff I buy hahah

Anonymous SAID:
I hate it when things are region locked. It's fucking ignorant. The Scream Collection is Region A, Halloween Complete Collection is Region A, luckily Friday the 13th is Region Free like everything should be.

Yeah, that annoys me too. :(

Anonymous SAID:
To that anon about the Party of Five Region thingy, it's called torrent. Download them.

When I first started Party Of Five, the torrents were very hard to come by. They were all blurry and stuff too. So really, they don’t compare to the DVDs.

I haven’t checked recently though.

Anonymous SAID:
why did sid fire rebecca?

Rebecca was being fame hungry. It was all about the money for her. But it wasn’t about that for Sidney. As soon as the events in Scream 4 took place, she instantly stared booking interviews and more books and things just to make money. And Sidney didn’t appreciate it.

Anonymous SAID:
Movies don't create killers, movies give killers excuses.


Anonymous SAID:
why hasn't there been anything on whether the show will be picked up or not?

We haven’t been told anything yet. I think the cast are still waiting on information too.

Anonymous SAID:
Who are the two faces on the Scream 2 poster?

Neve Campbell and Jada Pinkett Smith :)

Anonymous SAID:
If this tv series is shit, they will have to make Scream 5

I thought it would be the other way around haha if the show is a success, I thought it might make them do a Scream 5.