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i'm friends with Skyler Samuels and she is filming for the pilot but she plays a girl who gets killed she posted a pic on instagram

How do you know she’s filming for the Scream show tho? It could be something else? But you’re friends with her? I like her. I remember seeing her in a bunch of shows when I was young. :)

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To help with the Olivia/Casey death scene, would you rather thing. It's all the matter of, can you handle a ton of psychical pain (before, I'm assuming, there's not hope for you and your body realizes that and you feel really high and all is good) or mental torture, we're people are fucking with your brain and you're scared for a long time until you SLICED AND DICED! But yeah, two great death scenes, awesome gutting. Oh and Sidney's BOSS!! (unrelated but true).

I think i would prefer the mental torture, I don’t deal very well with physical pain! Hahaha!

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Last night I dreamed that there where rare scream scenes on tv and I thought I must record them for Ashley. But I cant remember what the scenes where about. :(

OMG OMG it would’ve been awesome if you remembered them!!

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Would you rather get killed like Casey or Olivia? You have to choose one and explain why. For me those are the most brutal thats why I asked you lol

Oh man that’s so tough! AAAHH they’re both equally as awful. I feel like Olivia’s was more torture so maybe Casey’s? I can’t pick!

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I'm having a scream marathon but I can't watch 4 cause it's not on Netflix and my blu ray player is in the living room. It's all mostly cause I've been on your blog lately

Aww I’m glad my blog has made you want to watch Scream. It does that to me too haha

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If you met Sid in college would you be friends with her or even want to be near her after knowing what happens to her?

I probably wouldn’t to be honest, all of her friends die! Haha!

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Scream is on right now (7/30, 9:50 pm CT) on IFC--started at 9:30! :)

Everyone go watch! :)

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I absolutely LOVE your blog! Youre so sweet to all the people who ask questions and share their opinions. :D

Aww thank you so much! That’s so nice of you :)

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You think Sid could've trusted Randy & let him in the house after she saw him on camera fixing to get stabbed.

Yeah it’s true, you think she would’ve, but it’s hard because you don’t know who to trust!

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Hi I'm the anon who asked about can you send me links to the Scream script. Thank you for leading me to them! I appreciate it :) I'm currently reading the original script for the first Scream and I had no idea that it was going to take place in North Carolina originally

You’re very welcome!! I hope you enjoy them :)

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