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do you ever think about the logic behind scream? like in the first scream, stu's parents are magically out of town and leave their son home alone when there's a killer on the loose. and all those kids showed up at his party, like if there was a killer in my town, my parents would keep me on lockdown and in their sight, not let me go to a party lmao

Yeah I try not to think about those things. You know, these are movies, they aren’t always meant to be logical and small things like that don’t always matter. I know what you’re saying though ahah sometimes we can’t help but over think these things!

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You know what would be crazy? If they made a Scream 5 but it would be a flashback of before Maureen died. And it showed Billy, Stu & Roman planning out the murders. Because we never got much background of Maureen. Like I want to know more about when/where/how she died and see it visually. And I want to see the courtcase between Sidney and Cotton. That would honestly be so cool.

I’ve always wanted that. I think I’ve said it many times actually. It would be so incredible to see everything in the beginning, kind of like a prequel!

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I know it doesnt go with the "theme" of scream, but i would love the kill in 5 so be some random person maybe some person you see in the begging in the back ground but isnt connected to the characters circle of people. Could be some one (maybe a fan who read her book) obsessed with Sid, i know thats kind of done before but hasnt been done w/Scream not in that way

So you’re saying you want the killer to be someone random? Like a random person? I understand I think ahaha but technically in Scream 2 we didn’t know Debbie Salt was Mrs Loomis so she was a random reporter that turned out to be something else! Which is kind of similar hahah

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imagine if sidney got pregnant when her and billy did it

That would make for a god damn interesting plot twist!

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wouldn't it be amazing to get the cast signatures on those cards

That would be so amazing AAAHH

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Your Scream/Friends video is PURE perfection!

Glad you like it!!! :)

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Check out these amazing Scream & Scream 2 lobby cards I got today!!! These are incredible!!! And they are so big, especially the 4 from Scream. I love them!

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Wow than your Rules picture compilation is a hit then!

Yeah there’s quite a few posts that have quite a few notes actually. I know some of my posts, I think 2, have hit 100,000 which is awesome!

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Neve is always perfect!


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What do the notes mean under each post?

It’s just peoples likes/reblogs on the post, for tumblr users.

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