Anonymous SAID:
In Scream 2 when Sidney got that prank call in the beginning, I was like 'Nobody looks THAT good waking up' haha

Hahahah except for Sidney Prescott! ;)

Anonymous SAID:
I saw Scream 2 in theaters when it had it's re-release in 1998. I was 10 and I remember I had the biggest crush on Randy. And when he died I ran out of the theater crying and my mom had to comfort me lol. It's kinda dumb but I was little haha

Oh my gosh that’s sooooo adorable! You poor thing!!

raltimore SAID:
Did you see that Neve was announced as a guest at the horror con Texas Frightmare Weekend?? I'm freaking out

Yesss! I saw, you lucky people in Texas! hahaha please tell her i love her :P

Anonymous SAID:
I agree with you guys on the Randy thing. But Ashley, would you rather of had a Randy and Sidney relationship rather than a Gale and Dewey one? Because if Randy didn't die, I'm sure Gale or Dewey would've got killed off. For me, a Randy/Sid romance would be the best thing ever lol

I really wouldn’t cope with Gale or Dewey being killed off either. I don’t know what would’ve happened. I would like to think they wouldn’t be cruel and would give us both the Sid/Randy relationship as well as the Gale/Dewey one haha

Anonymous SAID:
I love Randy but don't you think final 4 for each movie is a little too much for a horror movie?

I don’t think it’s so much having a final 4… but it’s just the fact of having Randy around. Can you imagine what an amazing addition to these movies he would be. 

riverphoenixfan23 SAID:
If there was one thing you could change about the entire Scream franchise, what would it be? For me personally, it would be Randy dying. Cause that character had so much potential and he was so adorable and it would've been amazing for him to end up with Sidney. Then they kill him off brutally in the middle of the movie. Randy was Scream for me when I was a kid. I always thought it was always a bad move.

I think I might add this question to the FAQ because I get asked a lot. But very much the same as you. I would change Randy’s death. It’s the only decision I hate that was made for these movies. I love everything else, but that’s something I’ll never understand or never get over. I agree with everything you said, he had so much potential for other movies, I would’ve loved seeing how he could be involved in them. 

More photos from the final days of the Scream on MTV cast filming the pilot. Check out the news tag on my site for more! 

Anonymous SAID:
Do you have any info on where they are filming the show?

No idea, I just have photos haha and they have finished filming the pilot now.

Anonymous SAID:
Scream is slasher with whodunit mystery elements and self aware characters with pop culture references. If the show is that but the killer doesn't work the same way it's still Scream, you know. But regardless I'm sure phone calls will be used a lot anyways it's like an easy & simple way for the writer to make the killer communicate with the characters instead of like, "A" leaving the characters paper notes everywhere like in PLL. I don't see why they wouldn't use phone calls, honestly.

I don’t see why they wouldn’t use it either, so let’s hope they do.
But about the whodunit mystery, a lot of shows/movies do that. Just because it’s a mystery, it does not make it Scream. There are a few iconic things that make Scream what it is. Most people wouldn’t get the references if there wasn’t a Ghostface or phone calls.
Of course, us fans would see the similarity without all those iconic elements, but a lot of people wouldn’t.

Anonymous SAID:
im thinking we wont see the killer on screen in the pilot or the early episodes at all and once we see him it'll be like a huge cliffhanger episode or something. like if they did go with that "human flesh mask" thing or any other mask somebody would have snapped a pic of it for sure

Yeah I think they might do that too. Like a mid season finale or something. I always wonder how they will do something like this on TV rather than in a movie. I feel like it will be similar to PLL.