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I definitely think Randy's death wasn't what it should be. It was so sudden and right in the middle of the movie. I prefer them not killing Randy but if they had to it should've been at the end and with Sidney there

I think a lot of people think that. He deserved something a little better. He was too smart to back up to that van. And, yeah, I would’ve preferred if he had Sidney around. 

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I was really glad in 4 when it turned out Sidney and Kincaid weren't together.

I remember that Kincaid was meant to come back for 4, but Patrick’s schedule didn’t allow for him to do it. You’re very lucky then hahaha

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So if they had to kill Sidney off, how would you want her to be killed in the movies?

Her death would be very hard to do. She’s the main character of the movies and probably the strongest and she deserves a death worthy of that. I always imagine Randy deserved a death worthy like that too. But Sidney’s more so. It’s tough. 

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What do you think these characters would be doing if they were in Scream 4? Randy, Tatum, Jennifer

I don’t know how Jennifer would be in Scream 4… I imagine her and Gale would’ve become best friends hahaha! Randy, I imagine being with Sidney, maybe starting a family. He would still love horror so much. And Tatum, she deserved to be in all the movies. She was an amazing friend to Sidney. 

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Got an idea for a new Scream video. It’s going to be a Sidney Prescott one.. :)

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I would've liked Derek but that kiss he did with Sidney in front of Randy just killed it for me haha. It's like he knew he liked her

Hahaha that was a little teasing, for sure! :P

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Yes I was actually very surprised when I first watched Scream 2 that they weren't together because of how infatuated he was with her and that if she was to have a new boyfriend you'd think it'd be the person she knows she can trust. It honestly made Derek my most hated character lol

Oh, I love Derek. I do think the Randy/Sidney crush is one of the best things in this series, so I’m glad they dragged it on into Scream 2… but what bothers me is they never actually got together because they killed the poor kid off hahaha

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Lol Scream is rated PG in Japan!

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Yeah I definitely think Tatum's and Randy's were the hardest on her. Specifically Randy only because they went through the first massacre together only for her to lose him in the second one. they probably got closer between the 1st and 2nd. At least that's what i like to think lol

Yeah I imagine they did. And I think it was only a matter of time before they eventually got together. She would’ve realised one way or another just how much he cared about her.

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*GASP* She did ditch Randy and comfort Billy! poor Randy

Yes she did. Even when they both had been attacked, well Randy almost attacked!

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