omg the pll finale was one of the most intense things i’ve watched in a while omgggg

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I just watched the whole Scream series again and I can't get over how much of a bad ass Sidney Prescott was. like idk how all those little killers thought they could come for her. this bitch is fierce

I know right? If i was a killer, I would not even try, especially now, after 4 sets of killers going after her and she just kicked their ass, why would you even try?! haha

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Do you think Sid loved Randy as a friend?

I think she did, yes. She cared for him very much. 

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I love the Trinity, but I would prefer them to be killed by Jill. In Scream 5, after achieving her goal, she would be famous and go to college. (just like Sid in Scream 2) But there's a new Ghostface, and no one is safe, even Jill... Can you imagine a movie based on that premise? A Killer vs a Killer? Now THAT would be amazing.

Yes, I’ve thought about that before. Like a killer vs a killer as you said. It would be awesome. I remember a while ago someone sent me an idea saying that there could be 2 killers after Sidney and in the end, they end up fighting each other… like Freddy VS Jason, but in a Scream way. haha

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I made a shirt with Casey screaming when had first sees get face on her window and I could not be more proud of this shirt.

Aww I want a Casey shirt now guys. :(

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bex tweeted a new pic of the cast! i think the unnamed asian girl is definitely nina she's like in all scenes in the pilot apparently and who else would it be.

I just saw that photo now!! But it does make sense. 

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More photos from the set of Scream on MTV. It’s getting me more and more excited! 

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Courteney’s Ice Bucket Challenge is everything. 

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I think I’ve seen that shirt before, I want one!!!

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Hayden Panettiere is starring in a slasher horror game for ps4!! so cool!

OMG that’s so awesome!!

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