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Hey did you know freddie prinze jr auditioned for Stu in Scream?? I love Matt Lillard but Prinze would've played Stu more calmly and probably sexier lol. I think he would've been good at it. You think he'd be in IKWYDLS if he was in Scream?

I read that he auditioned for Billy? Maybe I’m wrong. Hahah but that’s what I remember. Either way, I can’t imagine him as a psycho killer! He’s too nice and has such a happy sweet face!!

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Why did they kill Casey? I can't remember... definitely need to rewatch these movies!

I think I might add this to the FAQ, I get asked a lot.
Well, we find out during the film that Casey and Stu previously dated and she dumped Stu for Steve. So there’s the motive behind it. Billy probably suggested it to Stu, and since he was hurt and wanted payback, they did it together. :)

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The first time that you have seen scream who you suspect before the killers reveal?

Definitely Billy!!! Hahaha

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I'm starting to think maybe, possibly Billy killed Casey. I mean, I'm sure he wanted to do some killing lol

Billy was definitely part of it. He and Stu did the killing of Casey and Steve together.

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I find it super fucking rad that when Sidney was in hiding in Scream 3, she decided to choose a job to help other women by being in the Woman's California Crisis Counseling. I just find it so cool and awesome of her to continue helping others after everything's shes been through, whether it be doing that or by writing her book in Scream 4. She truly is a role model repectable character for females 💕

I totally agree. Sidney is literally my hero. She’s so inspirational and she’s so damn badass. She’s always been so strong, but she’s not afraid to cry. She truly is someone to look up to.

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My favorite Dewey and Gale scenes were from the first Scream (:

Yes they are so cute!

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To the anon who said Jill could come back after being shot once, I dont think actually knows the severe damage a gunshot to the chest can do, especially on someone as light as her. And Stu never actually ended up coming back anyway

Yeah Jill is tiny, so small! But that’s partly because Emma is so small hahah! And I know what you mean, it’s serious damage.

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I KNEW Matthew wasn't in Scream 4. I cant even tell you how much time i wasted looking for him somewhere haha

Hahah he’s definitely not there. I wasted time too and it’s not even true. :(

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The Fault in our Scars - A Kate Roberts movie.

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