Anonymous SAID:
have you seen the strangers

Yes I have!! That movie creeped me out.

My mum just rang me and said they were taking about Scream on the radio here!!!! What the hell!! I missed it!!! I wanna know what they said :(

Anonymous SAID:
Do you think in the 4th movie when Robbie is about to be killed and he says he's gay that he actually is gay or just because that in his opinion it's one of the only ways to survive a horror movie in this generation and he wanted to live?

You never know, it would be very cool to have him actually be gay. I love Robbie! But I also think he may have just said it in the spur of the moment, since it’s been revealed as one of the rules to survive. He probably said it so his life might have been spared… or he could’ve actually been serious and been seriously like don’t kill me, it’s one of the rules, you can’t!

Anonymous SAID:
Are you going to make a Scream 5 petition?

I would like to. And I know there are a lot of fans on this site, so I’m sure it would do well. But I don’t really know if I should do one or if it would be worth it. Maybe in the future. :)

uxfvme SAID:
Scream 1 is UNBEATABLE but the rest of the series rock!

Yeah, the first will always be the best! :D

scream is a story of…

How To Get Away With Murder is my new favourite show.

Anonymous SAID:
Did you know in the early drafts of Scream 2 Randy was Gale's cameraman?

Oh my gosh I did not know that! awwww!

Anonymous SAID:
Have you seen the fan made Stab movies?

I’ve heard of them yeah!

thatkidcallednick SAID:
So I was rewatching Scream 3 for the billionth time today, and I noticed when Sidney is doing the metal detector part, she goes over Derek's letters that he gave her. It's little things like that that show how much effort they put in this series, and it just makes me love it that much more!

Yes I love that she wears his letters in Scream 3. It’s one of my favourite things about that film! It’s a lovely gesture.